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RUBY PARKER is a writer and copy editor with over six years of experience in the publishing industry, working for magazines such as GQ and House&Garden South Africa. She recently migrated to the digital learning industry, where she worked as a proofreader in an in-house agency. She has worked on a wide range of content, from print features to long-form blogs, email campaigns, website pages, and more. She’s proficient in WordPress and InDesign for editors, the G Suite and editing for SEO best practices. She also obtained a master’s in creative writing from UCT and has experience writing reader reports for local publishers.

DERYCK HOUGAARD is a former coffee bar owner turned writer and editor. Deryck has worked in the higher education industry as a tutor and marker for Unisa for the past three years. He began his editing career while completing his MA in philosophy at the University of Stellenbosch, where he also taught undergraduate students. Since graduating, he has been working as a technical writer, specialising in long-form blog content and online copywriting. His strong academic background makes him ideally equipped to edit academic theses.

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